Carnaby Club: ‘70s, ‘80s, ‘90s, dance and hip-hop music. Columns and sofas in a 3-storey colorful club. Open from March to September.


Pizza and Mediterranean cuisine among sails and masts. A crowded pub-style restaurant inspired by a 16th century galleon ship.

Baia Imperiale

Party your night away in one of the 10 most beautiful nightclubs in the world! Previously known as ‘Baia degli Angeli’ (Angels’ Bay) when it first opened in 1975, the club was completely renewed in 1985 to become the legendary ‘Baia Imperiale’. Baia Imperiale rises up on a hill in Gabicce mare, immersed in the nature of Parco San Bartolo, on a cliff overlooking the sea offering a breathtaking, dramatic view. The strategic location makes it an essential stop for visitors coming to the Riviera in Rimini and in Riccione. The club is surrounded by a mythological aura and the magnificence of the pillars of the exterior resembles a huge Roman temple of the Augustan Age. Baia Imperiale continues its international tour in the most important cities in Italy and Europe organizing parties hosted in the best Night Clubs to give a twist to the boring nights in the city. The lineup for these special events will be fully taken care of by the Baia Imperiale Team along with its international DJs. The scenography and the atmosphere they set up will take you to the Roman Empire, symbol of the Baia Imperiale, and maidservants, fire eaters, gladiators as entertainment will sprinkle a little magic into your club. The evening will be even more unforgettable thanks to the many gadgets of Baia Imperiale that will be given as gifts to all the participants.


Happy hour with buffet, Italian food and music in a modern bar with spherical chandeliers, columns and terrace.


Dance and deep house music in an awesome post-  industrial space with big screens and color lasers.

Da Rinaldi

A Restaurant over the hills of Romagna, a Pool and plenty of Parties.

Boa Bay

BoaBay is the world biggest floating park, in the sea of Rimini. A new and incredible amusement park made of inflatable modules placed in order to create the word ‘Rimini’ that can be spotted by the satellite. The Park is located at 100mt from the shore, in front of beaches 47 to 62.  

Le Spiagge

Le Spiagge Rimini Srl is an innovative holiday idea that offers many services and attractions in one of the most central areas of Rimini Marina. A new way to imagine the touristic tradition of the beaches of Rimini.

Beky Bay

Beky Bay is a ‘leisure village’ on the beach of Bellaria Igea Marina. It means life style, sea, spot, relax, food, music, fun and great spaces surrounded by sandy shores, the sun and waves. Awesome entertainment on the beaches, great events and amazing guest stars!

Viale Pinzon 227
Igea Marina, Emilia-Romagna, Italy


Feel. Dance. Live. Cocoricò never stops the music. 1989, year of great changes, social and cultural revolutions. In this context Cocoricò came to be.

Villa delle Rose

DJ set of house music, a glamorous disco club in an open-aired pyramid with restaurant.

Peter Pan Club

Pop and house music and a lively 2-storey club in an elegant terrace garden


Eclectic sounds in a popular disco of Caribbean inspiration and an elegant and modern restaurant.

NewPort Rimini

A succesful blend of culinary quality and relaxed atmosphere that made of Newport one of the Riviera's favorite clubs.

Barrumba Rimini

From 2005, Barrumba is one of the protagonists of Rimini summer nights. It's an good place to spend your Happy-Hour time or have dinner listening live music! It is situated in front of the Beach 55. Lungomare Augusto Murri, 79, 47921 Rimini RN

Yummy Rimini

Don’t call it a ‘pub’! Yummy is the perfect combination of American grill bar, English brewery, pizzeria and a sea ‘trattoria’.

Rose & Cown

“Rose & Crown,the first British Pub opened in 1964 in Rimini” as said in Wikipedia, in the page dedicated to pubs. The Rose & Crownthen, is the first brewery was born in Italy, in Rimini, with the idea of exporting the traditional atmosphere of the true British Pubwithout contamination and compromise. Never influenced by fashions and trends – for this reason always in fashion – and still today faithful to the original idea: the pub on the seafront inRimini; pub where you meet the friends between good beer, live music and good food.


Aquafan was one of the first water parks built in Italy and today it is one of the most famous in Europe. It is located in Riccione (RN), nearby the motorway exit.

Samsara Beach Riccione

This year Samsara Beach opens the third facility in the Marano area, just in Riccione. The facility, with its elegant design, is ready to host and enchant Beach Lovers that cannot have enough of the usual beach days, and want to ‘live’ the sea in a new amazing way.  

Sagra Musicale Malatestiana

One of the oldest and most prestigious musical festivals in Italy.

Le Città Visibili

‘VISIBLE CITIES’ is a summer theatre and music festival. For its 6° edition it will move to the Ex Macello in Rimini, after many years at Palazzo Lettimi, an old and prestigious palace of the City, that was destroyed during the Second World War.

Acquario di Cattolica

The Aquarium of Cattolica, Le Navi, is the biggest aquarium on the Adriatic cost and the second in Italy. It was launched in 2000 and, during the years, it has been hosting more and more animals. www.acquariodicattolica.it

Italia in Miniatura

Since 1970, it is the theme park dedicated to the Italian architectural heritage. You can feel like a giant among the 270 perfect scale reproductions of the Italian and European wonders immersed in spectacular nature. www.italiainminiatura.com


Oltremare is a theme park in Riccione, specializing in the protection of several species of animals (both of the land and the sea). The attractions focus on the animals of the oceans. You will see aquariums, marine shows and small nature reserves. www.oltremare.org

Molo Sreet Parade

Deejays and fishermen come together to serve on their "dishes" music & sardoncini: the ingredients of the great musical parade on the port of Rimini that since 2012 has been contagious with its musical energy to young people, youngsters and whole families to make them listen to the most famous DJs of Europe. From the consoles of the fishing boats overlooking the sea a perfect combination of musical tendencies and contemporary sounds is broadcast, while on the quay the fishermen serve the traditional seafood dishes.

La Notte Rosa 2018

From the sunset on Friday and throughout the weekend, the 110 km of the coast of Romagna, with the beating heart of the event in Rimini, offer hundreds of events for what has become for the Italians the Summer New Year's celebrations: concerts in the squares, beach parties, shows, children's entertainment, restaurants, shops and museums open until late at night, and the main monuments "dressed" in pink.  



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